The Chaplaincy Service


South Lake Primary School has a YouthCARE school chaplain whose key role is to work in the school community to address the social, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs of students, staff and family members. The Chaplain is available for the school community in a non-teaching capacity three days per week. This is funded by the Federal Government.


The Chaplain's role is varied. Below is a list of the main roles:

  • Building relationships with students, staff and families

  • Offering pastoral care

  • Being a mentor

  • Being available to provide practical help to teaching or administrative staff

  • Being a positive role model

  • Providing a link between the school and other professional services in the local community

  • Participating in classroom activities and attending excursions at the invitation of the teacher

  • Providing support to students, parents and staff in circumstances such as grief, family breakdown and other crisis situations 


The Chaplain may also be involved in running programs, support groups and lunch time activities for students. Students can access the Chaplain for pastoral one-on-ones through the 'Chaplain Visit' request slips located outside the library or by asking their classroom teacher. Students are able to fill in the request slips and the Chaplain will collect the student from their class. The Chaplain works closely with teachers to ensure that students are not missing out on valuable class time.


Some things the Chaplain's role does not include are:

  • Providing religious education

  • Attempting to convert students to a set religion or set of beliefs

  • Coercing students to attend activities that have religious content/focus

  • Delivering activities/services that promote a particular view or religious belief

  • Initiating faith discussion regarding a particular view or spiritual belief

  • Undermining students' religion or other beliefs

  • Using social, public or printed media to promote spiritual beliefs

  • Providing professional services such as counselling, legal or medical advice

  • Performing religious services/rites such as worship or prayer

  • Expressing discriminatory views or bias on the grounds of religious ideology, beliefs or sexuality.


A YouthCARE school chaplain represents a Christian presence in the school community. The Chaplain does not share confidential information without the consent of the other person, unless there are compelling moral, ethical or legal grounds. They respect the rights of parents/guardians to ensure the religious and moral education of their children is in line with their own choices. The Chaplain is also respectful, accepting and sensitive to other people's views, values and beliefs that may be different to their own. 



The Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations has contributed funding to the chaplaincy/student welfare services through the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.



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Phone: 9395 3400