School Overview

South Lake Primary School (SLPS) an Independent Public School, 15 km south of the City of Perth and surrounded by the Beeliar wetlands, was established in 1986 and caters for 300 children in Years K-6. Students are taught in modern classrooms, all with multimedia teaching facilities and specials areas for the arts and early childhood; an excellently resourced library enhances the learning programs provided. Netball courts, a large oval, plenty of green space and play equipment enhance our outdoor programs. The school is fully air-conditioned providing a pleasant learning environment all throughout the year.

At SLPS, whole of school approaches are considered essential to improved outcomes in student learning and successful whole of school curriculum planning. SLPS structure is organised to facilitate a collaborative culture and active involvement of all staff in school planning and decision making. The school has a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, providing extension for talented students and learning support assistance, utilising a case management approach, for students with learning difficulties.


The teaching staff at South Lake Primary believe that students learn best when they are in a motivated, orderly and safe environment where developmental education is acknowledged and implemented. High standards of student achievement, both academic and non-academic, are the focus of our work within each classroom and across the school.


We are very proud of the wide range of programs we provide for students to enrich their SLPS learning careers: Sustainable Schools (School Garden, Wastewise and Waterwise); Breakfast Club; School Chaplaincy; a whole of school consistent approach to behaviour management; Social Skills Program: Positive Behaviour Schools; Support a Reader; Mathletics and MULTILIT programs; Music; Art; IT; STEM; and Physical Education. Our Physical Education program is particularly noteworthy with teams achieving success with Touch Rugby, AFL, Netball and orienteering.

Building strong internal and external relationships is another enabler of improved student achievement. The school is proactive in linking with the home, the previous school, other service providers and agencies, and the wider community. Communication mechanisms include: School Website; School App (Shareability); fortnightly newsletter; parent interviews; open night; student diaries; and assemblies, as well as open invitations to all of our school and classroom events.


As well as partnerships mentioned previously, connections with various government agencies, Curtin University, Lakeland Senior High School and network schools, Foodbank, IGA, the Ottey Centre and organisations in the wider community (RSL, Touch West) contribute to SLPS’s effectiveness and operations.




62 Mason Court

South Lake W.A 6164

Phone: 9395 3400